Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why Disney might be interested in buying Nintendo.

Disney and Nintendo have a lot in common. Both appeal to the whole family when the entire industry is going gritty and realistic. They both own some of the most successful and recognizable IPs in there respective industries. They both are notable innovators.

But what if the two companies became one? This idea isn't outside of the realm of possibility.

Here are some financials:

Walt Disney’s Market Cap: $103.96 Billion
Walt Disney’s Annual Sales: $42.84 Billion

Nintendo's Market Cap: $22.2 Billion
Nintendo's Annual Sales: $4.87 Billion

Based on these number we can see a few things. Disney is 5 times the size of Nintendo, and their annual sales are double Nintendo's market cap! They're huge. But just because Disney could buy Nintendo. The question is why would they?

Disney has, up until recent times, struggled in the games space. Disney Infinity is the most successful video game thing they've ever done, and as cool as it is, it's far from perfect. Nintendo, needless to say, has the single richest history in video games. Their cast of characters was even more recognizable than Disney's at one point. But Nintendo has never been great at capitalizing on it's own popularity. Something Disney is excellent at. You could say that these 2 companies fill in each others gaps, so to speak.

It might be a dream partnership for us fans too.

Source: Ian Wilding
What can we look forward to if this dream were to happen? well, if Disney's purchase of the Marvel and Star Wars brands are anything to go by, lots of fresh content. Disney's success with Wreck-It Ralph is a clear indicator that they're not afraid to take on the difficult space of video game movies. And the Marvel movies are really good examples of transitioning something from an illustrated medium to film.

Just imagine a Disney produced live-action Metroid movie! Even though this has come up before. JUST IMAGINE! The power of Disney behind this introspective, space drama.

Or, I'll do you one better...

Source: rabbidlover01 via DediantArt

Tell me you wouldn't rush the box office to see a Pixar produced Pikmin movie, directed by Miyamoto-San himself. He's already dabbled in this area, and the Pikmin franchise has HUGE untapped potential for Nintendo. Plus we desperatly need more Pikmin merchandise.

Let's flip it around, Imagine your favorite Disney characters finally getting the quality interactive adventures they deserve! Don't get me wrong. Disney franchises like The Lion King on SNES and Aladdin on Sega Genesis were pretty decent games, and the Kingdom Hearts series is fantastic!

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, imagine the crossover potential! Disney Vs. Smash Bros! featuring Marvel and Star Wars characters! Epic Mickey Galaxy! DK Jungle Book Adventure! Yoshi and Stitch: Lost in Hawaii! Wreck-It Ralph Remix!

Maybe I'm getting a little happy with this. I can dream all I want, but at the end of the day this isn't very likely. Nintendo seems to have partnered with everyone BUT Disney in recent times. Universal Studios rides, Activision Skylanders/Amiibo crossover, Namco Arcade machines etc...

So, keep dreaming everyone. Perhaps it's for the best that this fantasy stays a fantasy. Maybe the scarcity of merchandise is what makes them so valuable. Maybe Nintendo developing software for someone else would prevent them from making the titles we all really want. At the end of the day, I really just want to see Nintendo succeed, with out without Disney's help.

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