Monday, October 12, 2015

Some of my favorite Nintendo fan art swag!

Christmas is only a few short months away! It's time to start figuring out what to get the gamer in your life. If they're like me, they are pretty picky about the games they buy, so that's not always a good option. But what about some one-of-a-kind swag!? Here are some of my favorite selections from

Like this Hylian Shield hoodie! Buy it here.

First up is a game close to me heart. This adaptation gives me chills. I like the dark blue color for contrast, and most people probably won't even notice it's a game T unless they really inspect it!

Great stuff. Buy it here.

This portrait of the 2 faces of Samus makes me happy. It meshes cyper punk themes with a comic book feel, and it looks like something that could be on the cover of a graphic novel. It tells you so much about the character.

I'd hang this on my wall proudly. Buy it here.

This Pikmin art can be applied to many many products including posters, phone cases, bags etc... But I think it lends itself to being a mug. the image is wide enough to give you a different focal point no matter what your angle is!

And though the art is simple, It gets to the point easily, and it doesn't need much to show off the personality of each character,

Perfect as a mug! Buy it here.

Although we will probably never see Mario in a Pikachu suit in an actual game, this onesie would look amazingly cute on my 4 month old son.

the art here is fantastic, and it's too far off from something Nintendo themselves might put out.

Buy it here.

While this isn't exactly fan art, I can't overlook how cool this is. It's colorful and artistic in it's own right, but a closer look revealing a map of Onett is just too cool.

I'l bet most people would look at that and just think it's a neat design, but there's so much more going on here.

Buy it here.

Here are some honorable mentions:
Chibi-Robo boom box sticker.
DK tie hoodie.
"Song of Time" framed print.
"Fox" Shirt.

There's tons of cool stuff to see on this site, and there are many sites like it. Have you ever bought a piece of gaming fan art? Let's chat about it in the comments!

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