Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Best Budget Switch Games! - Nov 2019 Edition

We are quickly approaching 3000 titles available on the Switch eShop. And with so many games, how do you weed through the shovel-ware to find the cheap games that are actually worth your time? Well we're here to help! Here are 5 of my favorite games under $10! All these games are 2019 games too, so nothing too old on this list.


$9.99 (Demo Available!)
Release Date: Apr 26, 2019
Up to 2 players
File Size: 543 MB
HAL Laboratory, Inc.

You may or may not be familiar with Boxboy from his 3DS titles. but for basically a square with eyes, he's got a lot to offer. TONS of puzzle platforming levels, 2 player co-op, fun costumes to unlock, etc... And if you wanna see if this game is for you, theres a demo! you have nothing to lose! I personally love this game as a time waster. It's much deeper than most mobile titles, so I've made it a habit of booting Boyboy up instead of pulling my phone out.

Archlion Saga

Release Date: Jul 18, 2019
1 player
File Size: 146 MB
Hit-Point Co., Ltd.

Archlion Saga is a snack for RPG lovers. If you have an affinity for turn-based, story heavy JRPGs but no time to play them, this $5 gem is for you. It's not going to win any awards for originality, but there are some very recognizable tropes and nostalgia nods here that fans of the genre will appreciate. Give this one a go if you're in the mood for an easy-breazy RPGeezy.

OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense

Release Date: May 06, 2019
1 player
File Size: 240 MB
SMG Studio

As far as value goes, you can't get much better than OTTTD. from the gorgeous visuals to the overwhelming number of upgrades and unit types, this budget title is beefy. This is a developer with some chops too. If you're familiar with Death Squared or the upcoming Moving Out, you know what you're in for. I highly recommend this game for RTS fans.

Preventive Strike

Release Date: May 03, 2019
1 player
File Size: 381 MB

Hey, wanna jump in a helicopter and blow stuff up? Preventive Strike isn't the deepest or longest game in the world, but it's pretty and there are explosions. I mean, what do you want for $2?


Release Date: Apr 05, 2019
up to 4 players
Developer Samurai Punk

And in stark contrast to our last game, Feather has no combat, no story, and no goals other than to enjoy the ride. You take control of a bird and fly around a beautifully realized island. Not much in the way of features, but it does have Online Multiplayer! which is cool. You already know if something like this appeals to you. But I like it for what it is.

What do you think of my list? Let me know what I missed and I may even include it in next months list!

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  1. Nice list, not the games I'd expect. I'll have to try out feather, box boy and box girl and the Archlion Saga. I've considered all of those in the past.
    A few budget games that I've really enjoyed are Pan Pan, Cat Quest, and Mana Spark just to name a few that aren't as well known. Big grandiose games are great, but it's nice to find some cheap gems that provided sometimes just as much fun. I look forward to your next list.