Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Just Ignore Them - Nintendo Switch Review

Dad warning, this game is positively NOT for kids. I would even go as far say unless you really love horror, and have thick skin, you should probably steer clear too. The themes, images, and language presented are undeniably mature in nature. I won't be showing any of that in this review. Just know that this story gets pretty messed up.

As far as point-and-click adventures go, this one is fairly basic. None of the puzzles I faced were particularly challenging. Some gave me pause, but I mostly knew exactly what the game was asking me to do. It was just a matter of trying the right combination of "select items, combine items, place items" to get to the next story element. Which, wow does this game have a story.

Being a casual fan of the horror genre myself, I'm immensely impressed with the storytelling. It moves quickly, and it's 2-ish hour run time doesn't overstay it's welcome. Multiple ending possibilities entice you to give it one more run, But once the entire plot was revealed, I found little reason to go back right away. I also have a pile of games in front of me, so that could just me my personal experience.

I can definitely see myself coming back at a later date. Even though I wasn't thrilled with the way this game is presented on consoles. The Switch version of Just Ignore Them suffers from the same issues as many console ports of point-and-click adventures. It was built for mouse controls so getting a precise click or sweeping an area for interactions is cumbersome.

That being said, It's a great game to play portably... under a blanket... with all the lights off...
Ultimately, the story is what really sets Just Ignore Them apart from the shovel-ware on Switch. It's a fascinating mesh of bio-horrer, supernatural thriller, and murder mystery that plays more like a choose-your-own adventure book. If that sounds appealing to you, and you're over 18, don't skip this game.

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