Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Dan Cave - Humble Beginnings

I cleaned out my garage last month, and with support from the wife, I built myself a little corner of happiness. I call it the Dan Cave, and I love it. It's a constant work in progress as the collection grows, but here's what I've built so far...

We start with the Consoles and TV:

N64 through Switch represented. all hooked up except the Wii U which needs a new fan. Once the part comes in I'll do a teardown video. Some Labo in the bottom corner because I have no idea what else to do with it. A CRT for that authentic 90s experience, and a small flat panel for modern games. The next console I want to invest in is probably a Dreamcast.

Next up is the N64 shelf:

That my friends, is a makeup display shelf with N64 games in it. My plan is to buy a second one and display the games horizontally. It looks amazing. Next to that my McDonalds Mario Kart 8 toys. Below that my GCN DK Bongos, one of which I bought brand new for a fresh Jungle Beat play-through once I get streaming set up in here. Then finally some boxes at the bottom.

On to the game and figurine shelf!

Now this baby is my pride and joy. Not the craziest selection of games, but I'm working on a budget here. slow and steady. Starting at the top, I try or organize my figurines by franchise but things get a little messy in the middle. Below that an SNES classic (hooked up to the flat panel. that took some loooong cables), and my Wii collection, which is pretty good. Next shelf down we have my Switch games and Wii U games. I'm rebuying all my old Wii U stuff right now because it's cheap. Then some N64 games that don't fit up top, and my Gamecube collection which is a slow process. Gamecube is a passion of mine, but those games have spiked in price lately, so I'm playing the patience game right now.

I'd love to see pics of your gaming room/collection below! share away!


  1. That looks like a great start. I don't really have a space for my stuff yet, but hopefully in the future that will change. I do have my board game shelf, which isn't quite the same but close. Here's a link to board game shelf. Since you love the Gamecube, what are your top 3 games from that system? For me it would probably be Windwaker, Eternal Darkness, and Rogue Leader. I sold my N64 stuff to get the Gamecube, but now after seeing your setup, I think I'm going to have to try and recollect some of the N64 stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    1. N64 stuff butters my bread! nothing quite replaces that classic controller.