Monday, March 9, 2020

The Dan Cave Project - Update #2

What's up fellow fanatics! Things have shifted around quite a bit in the ol' garage since I last did an update. So let's dive in!

New Furniture, New TV, and now set up for streaming!

Check it out! >>>

I'm really excited about all the updates, check out the last post for some context if you like. First up is the big Ikea shelf which now holds my 4 retro babies on the bottom. the 4 horsemen of the retropocalypse if you will. The SNES I got for $5 at a store closing sale. They thought it was busted, but all she needed was a bath. Also nabbed the DKC trilogy!
Next to that an NES, then of course N64 and Gamecube on the bottom. Currently working out a way to use that Gameboy Player without the disc. Stay tuned for that.

Next up are the GAMES! NES and SNES which are ever expanding. Then my pride and joy, the Gamecube Collection. I'll be posting a video about how I got a mint copy of Ribbit King later on. It's pretty wild. I've been really digging into Animal Crossing on the Dad Crossing stream lately too. Getting hype for New Horizons!

Moving Left...

You can spot in the top corner some console boxes I got from the same store closing sale. Top shelf is Labo, this rad Mario hat I'll be wearing on March 10th, and some vintage Mario and Zelda bedsheets I have no idea what to do with, but they're super cool.

Moving down is more Labo. I really need a better place to display those. Then my nicely stacked collection of N64 games. I recently cut the fluff and sold off some games I never play/don't care so much about. I love this collection. I just picked up a cheap copy of Smash Bros on ebay, and he'll be joining the ranks soon!

And finally the best TV I've ever owned. A wood paneled RCA with vivid colors and stereo sound. I've got all 4 retro consoles hooked up to it with an AV switcher, and I absolutely love it.

Moving Left...

This is my current(ish) collection of consoles and games. Starting at the top left square where the NES, SNES, and Genesis Mini consoles live along with some plush and an oversized Super Mario World. Next to that is my Switch dock, then Wii games.

Down one shelf is my nice white Wii U, then Switch games and Wii U games, then my Wii. I just recently picked up Wii Sports for a decent price. It seemed to have ballooned in price recently for some reason.

The bottom shelf is mostly accessories, with some more Wii games hanging out because they're so cheap these days I can't help but buy too many of them.

Moving Left...

Finally we come to the last shelf. This is home to some random movies and CDs, but more notably my Nintendo Power collection which I got for a song on LetGo recently. Those are super fun to browse through. Also a space gamecube...

And that's it for now! my streaming setup is also done, but it's quite unimpressive at the moment. I plan on adding some lighting to make everything really sing soon. Look forward to that.

I'd love to see pics of YOUR game room!

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