Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Mini Review - Mumba Blade Series Grip and Case

Ok. I've been using the Mumba Blade Series grip for a month now. And if you're on the hunt for some extra protection for your switch in a slim package, I recommend this combo.

I was looking for a grip that:
A. protected my precious $300 baby
B. made it more comfortable to hold in handheld
C. fit in a small-ish case

And the Mumba Blaze hits all of these and more.

It's no Satisfy grip, but its certainly better than a naked Switch in the hands. gives you 2 nice little bumps on the back to hold on to. and the material is slightly grippy so you're not afraid of it slipping out of your hands.
the only exposed parts are the L and R buttons. but worst case, thats a new pair of joy-con I have to replace. the console itself feels well protected.
Mumba makes a case specifically for this series of grips. it fits well, and though I wish it was a bit slimmer, it checks the box. (plus storage for 20 games. nice!)

Overall, I love it. well worth the somewhat hefty price tag for both the grip and the case. This will be my daily driver for years to come.

- It's dockable with the grip attached! (though it took a little wiggling)
- Joy-cons can be removed without having to take off the grip~
- All ports and vents are accessible!

Don't love:
- the kickstand is NOT accessible. nor does the case provide a tabletop solution. kind of a bummer as my old case did this very well.
- sometimes the internal accessory pouch zipper gets jammed with the external zipper. weird problem with an easy work-around (just don't zip the accessory pouch all the way). still a bummer.

NOTE: if you're looking to purchase the case with it, make sure you get the right one. they made 2 versions for older and newer grips.

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